What is a middle space?

The Akash between is your middle space.

Akash translates from Sanskrit to ether or space. The Akash between is therefore the space between. It’s an etheric field or metaphysical space of neutrality, surrender, ease and bliss.

When you reconnect to the present moment, you are in the Akash between.

When you pause, and act from a place of neutrality, rather than from anger or fear, you are in the Akash between.

When you act with love and compassion for yourself and all beings, you are in the Akash between.

When you remember who you are, your true self, you are in the Akash between.

The Akash between is within you, around you and IS YOU, all at the same time. It’s what we like to call your middle space.

Everyone has a middle space! It’s the gentle pause between your thoughts and actions; the neutral space between the emotions you feel and how you CHOOSE to react.

From a more philosophical perspective, your middle space is the dance between ego and your highest self.

For example, if a situation or interaction has triggered you to feel irritated or frustrated, stepping into your middle space can give you a moment to pause and detach from what you are feeling. It offers a neutral perspective, as if you are an outside observer. When you enter this space, you can more easily step back and determine who is in control: you or your emotions?

Just as everyone has a middle space, we also all have an ego. No, we aren’t calling you egotistical! Ego forms our sense of self and identity, but it’s also self-serving. It’s the ME versus the WE.

When we feel superior to others, or we need to be ‘right’, ego has taken over. Ego enjoys drama and gossip. It’s addicted to suffering, fear and anger. There’s a German word that perfectly describes ego: schadenfreude – it’s the sense of satisfaction derived from seeing someone else’s misfortune.

Finding our middle space can help us separate ego from our highest self. We can begin to observe ego and catch it in the act, allowing us to hit the reset button.

For example, you might notice your ego flare up, maybe with a judgemental thought about some else or a reactive impulse to a comment some has said. Yet at the same time, you can observe the thought or impulse without acting on it. So let me ask you this, who is doing the observing? Your highest self! 🎉

If you can do this, you have found your middle space! You have entered the Akash between.

Acting from our middle space can guide us from a place of love and compassion, rather than anger or fear. It allows us to control our emotions, rather than to be controlled by them. This space enables us to observe when ego is operating on auto-drive, and then for our highest self to take back the wheel.

So you might be wondering, how can I find my middle space?

Yoga and meditation are excellent practices to develop mindfulness and a deeper connection to your true self (your spirit, soul, inner essence, divine light, however you want to call it). Through this connection to self, you will more easily find the Akash between and act from your middle space.

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