Monthly Energy Forecast: January 2021

The theme for the month of January 2021 is ‘the reservoir’.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that it’s possible to find the calm within the storm; to gain mastery and control over our energetic reservoir, to both maintain our energetic body and recognizing when we need to fill our cup before becoming completely drained and depleted.

The reservoir also relates to our emotions: what we have been pushing downwards versus what floats atop the surface.

The reservoir teaches us that we are not meant to feel balanced all the time. Part of balance is losing it to find it. To gain mastery of our energetic and emotional selves and to therefore live in alignment requires first learning what it feels to be misaligned. It’s the most profound trial and error experience. What works in one place or during one period of life will fluidly shift as quickly as the winds, requiring you to adapt in order to level the scales and become balanced once again.

This is life: nature is constantly in change, cycling through its seasons. You too are change. Daily you are changing, growing, stretching, shedding, expanding, contracting, learning, unlearning. There is no such thing as stagnation, even when you feel stuck, remember change is all around you and within you. The reservoir teaches us to live from a more dynamic place, where we can adapt and shift and pivot based on our external environment while maintaining a grounded and stable internal space, our middle space.

During this time when many people around the world are indoors, socially distancing or in lockdowns, remember: everything is change. We won’t remain in this state for long, so embrace the time you have in a state of quietude and solitude. Enjoy this time with yourself and explore the reservoir. Dive right in, exploring the depths and skimming the surface.

Life is short, too short to not experience it fully. The reservoir is encouraging us to embrace both the ups and downs; the laughs and the tears. This year ahead and this month, allow yourself to remember what it feels like to be joyful, playful and light. Allow yourself to have fun, to float, to be buoyant.

The lighter you float, the easier you it is to navigate the depths of the reservoir and the moments of heaviness that will inevitably come. When you spend time in light you become it, and when you are light, you illuminate the dark. The world needs more light right now.

January Journal Prompts:

1) Shifting into alignment often first requires misalignment. Consider the current state of your energetic and emotional reservoirs? Do you need to fill your cup or are you in a space where you can easily maintain it?

2) Is there anything you have been pushing down, or allowing to remain superficial at the surface level?

3) What is one small act you can do this month to encourage more joy in your life?

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