Monthly Energy Forecast: February 2021

Despite outward appearances and perceptions of being isolated right now, as most of the world continues to ‘socially distance’ ourselves, isolation is an illusion.

To whoever needs to hear this right now, you are not alone.

To be completely alone would mean that you are disconnected from all that is, and my sweet friend, you are interconnected with the universe.

Some might even say, you are the universe.

The purpose of this current experience, as challenging and trying as it may feel, is for you to go inwards. Go inwards and reconnect with yourself. After all, if we feel disconnected from source and self, how can we expect to feel connected with our fellow humans and creatures of the Earth?

Within this experience of social isolation and separation, there is much space to surrender to the present moment with acceptance. From this place of acceptance is a new vantage point, where we can clearly discern that there is no such thing as isolation and separation.

This is perhaps the greatest paradox; a man-made misconception engraining within us an inherent fear of being alone (after all, we are social creatures with an innate need for connection). But that’s the thing….we are connected whether we know it, feel it or outwardly see it.

You are never alone dear one.

You are connected to your ancestors and soul family; you are connected to the Earth you stand upon, and bound to the elements and each changing seasons; you are connected with the foods you prepare and ingest.

There will always be resistance to change, especially to experiences that we don’t fully understand and to circumstances or interactions which trigger undesirable feelings we seek to avoid

Fear is often met with a lens of discomfort, and instead of accepting what is, we resist it in a desperate attempt to avoid what has sparked such uncomfortable feelings.

Fear only muddles your vision. Accept into your heart what you already know to be true: the paradox of life.

Nothing is permanent, except perhaps that everything is impermanent.

The paradox is all around us.

Within silence, there are abundant messages to be heard.

In stillness, there is ever changing, fluid movement and rooted in solitude, there is infinite connection.

When you connect with yourself and rely on your own inner guidance to lead you, no longer do you need external validation to form your decisions. When you release attachments to ideals and notions about what life and the future should look like, rigid conformations to such aspirations no longer exist.

The energy of the paradox teaches us that through acceptance, you can flow with ease: forward and back, place to place, learning and unlearning, bending like soft sea grass in the tides; grounded, yet flexible to the ever-changing landscape around you.

Never doubt this inherent guidance within you, but rather accept yourself with the utmost love and compassion. With inner acceptance of self, it is possible to expand this acceptance to unfold and envelop everything else…acceptance and non-judgment of others, acceptance of change, acceptance of the impermanence of your precious human life.

Acceptance is the antidote to fear.

February Journal Prompts:

1. Check in with yourself and see where you’re at. Are you feeling lonely and disconnected, or do you feel connected with yourself and the world around you?

2. What is one small thing you can do this month to reconnect with yourself?

3. Consider how you can increase acceptance with in your life? Does this bring up any challenging emotions for you, or is accepting yourself and your current circumstance a challenge?

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