We are a conscious virtual studio aiming to make yoga more inclusive, accessible and equitable. With these intentions, we are collectively working to disrupt harmful narratives in the yoga industry and to build a diverse global community. 

We believe yoga and meditation embody the potential for transformation and social justice, and we aim to use our teachings to create positive change!

Your presence is so appreciated and valued here. We hope to have the honour of meeting you on the mat! 

What is the Akash Between?


The Akash Between is an etheric field or metaphysical space of neutrality, surrender, ease and bliss. It exists within each moment, between action and reaction. It’s the dance between ego and the highest self. 

The Akash Between is your middle space.

Whether you are seeking to establish balance in your life or cultivate space within, our community is here to support you on your journey!


 Community is at the heart of the Akash Between. 

Giving back to our communities by supporting small non-profit organizations and hosting free community-building activities are just a few of the ways we are working to make yoga more accessible.

Serena’s friendly 75-minute hatha classes vary in style, from slow flow, to static hatha, to posture correction labs and much more besides, but be sure, you will always leave having spent a moment in reflection and with something sweet to take into the rest of your day.

Breath based Hatha class suitable for curious beginners to experienced practitioners. Reconnect to the stillness of the Heart within movement, by utilising the life force within the breath to create a fluid meditation. The perfect balance of yin and yang, softness and strength, stillness and flow.

Ease tension in your body and calm your busy mind with Qigong fusion flow. This class series integrates energetic elements of Qigong, gentle Vinyasa flow yoga and philosophy to cultivate fluidity and flow in your body and mind. 

Beginners Flow and Meditation is the perfect hump day treat for all levels! Beginning with 40 minutes of hatha flow, you’ll work through a slow, methodical sequence to stretch common muscle tightness points. Afterward, you’ll lie or sit for 20 minutes of guided meditation that aims to help you develop your intuition while relieving stress and anxiety. 

Rest, rejuvenate and reconnect during this sacred time to tune into the body and the self through gentle movement and meditation. 

This is a free community class for BIPOC only. Donations are welcome, but not mandatory (100% of donations go to community-based organizations supported by our karma program). 

A 60-minute class to flow, stretch, strengthen and connect with your breath. Suitable for beginners and more advanced practitioners. You will leave this class feeling grounded, energized and relaxed. 

No past, no future. Together we will explore what the present moment can bring us for the body, mind, and soul through the art of Mindful Yoga. We will listen to our body using some mindful movements for the first 45 minutes and watch our mind using various breathing techniques. Let’s get a taste of the “Power of Now”. 

In this class, we will work on releasing tension throughout the body. By tuning into our breath and movements, we learn to let go of distractions and focus on self-love.

Classes are designed to encourage reflection, with laughter and self-compassion sprinkled through each practice. Nafisa aims to create an inclusive and welcoming space, empowering you to move in a way that feels intuitive and right for you.

A one hour guided meditation to rest, recenter and recalibrate. Each week we will explore different mindfulness techniques, such as breath work, body scanning and working with silence, to guide us into a deep state of relaxation. This class is suitable for curious beginners, regular meditators and yoga practitioners alike. 

Kylie’s 60-minute full moon flow works with the lunar cycle to channel the cool and calm energy of the moon. A beautiful way to refresh and nurture an exhausted and frazzled yogi, this flow inspires you to let go of what no longer serves you and set intentions for the rest of the month. The class will involve a creative meditative vinyasa flow with a spin on classic moon salutations to invoke and pay homage to the lunar energy in nature. As the perfect practice for late afternoons and evenings, you should leave the class feeling centered, receptive and inwardly focused

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Serena, Sri Lanka


Sheridan, Colombia 


Wenlin, Italy


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Prachi, India 


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Nafisa, Canada

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Sashah, Canada