The Akash Between is a collective of wellness practitioners and students working together to disrupt harmful narratives in the yoga industry and to build a diverse global community. 

We believe yoga and meditation embody the potential for transformation and social justice, and we aim to use our practices to create positive change! Right now we are sharing full length yoga and meditation classes on YouTube. 

Your presence is so appreciated and valued here, and we hope you’ll join us at the mat on our public YouTube channel.

What is the Akash Between?


The Akash Between is an etheric field or metaphysical space of neutrality, surrender, ease and bliss. It exists within each moment, between action and reaction. It’s the dance between ego and the highest self. 

The Akash Between is your middle space.

Whether you are seeking to establish balance in your life or cultivate space within, our community is here to support you on your journey!

Energy forecast


Each month we publish a monthly message on our blog, highlighting the overall energetic forecast of the month to come. 

We also share mindfulness teachings, inspiring interviews and writings on social justice. 



 Community is at the heart of the Akash Between. 

Join our YouTube community and access our library of yoga and meditation classes now!